A public demo of front- and back-end content editing using MODX.

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MODX CMF Editing Demo

This demo is made-up of back-end and front-end editing examples. The back-end uses the TinymceWrapper and NewsPublisher Extras, and the front-end uses the visual content builder, Fred. Because front-end editing in MODX is not a default feature the configuration process is more involved. Of the few CMS I’ve used that offer front-end or “in-page” editing none offer the features and customization options of MODX. That's not to say more robust options don’t exist, only that I haven’t used them.

Just A Taste

Keep in mind the demo is not meant to cover all the bases with regard to configuration options, features, or functionality. It’s purpose is to pique the interest of people unfamiliar with MODX and those who may know about it but have never had a chance to use it. The demo includes a brief overview of MODX which may be helpful to those new to MODX.

An additional (third) front-end demo is still under development and will be added as time allows.

Let’s Edit Some Stuff
(The demo is hosted on a different site and will open in a new tab.)

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