4 articles with the term Beginner in section Experience Level.

  1. MODX Alphanumeric Password Validator

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    A custom validator for the MODX Register snippet that limits password characters to alphanumeric, hyphens and underscores only. While probably not the best idea when it comes to password security there may nevertheless be situations when restricting character types is necessary.

  2. TinymceWrapper: Customizing Ace Editor

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    If you’re using the TinymceWrapper Extra you can customize the Ace editor window so it better matches the style of the MODX Manager by overriding the hard-coded CSS in the plugin. For the purpose of this tutorial I will focus specifically on the “Close” button (icon) in inline mode.

  3. Freeway Pro, Git and Bitbucket

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    Updated July 6, 2016: Now that Freeway Pro has reached end-of-life this tutorial is moot.

    Integrate Freeway Pro, Git and Bitbucket as an alternative but geeky solution to Freeway’s frustrating…

  4. Freeway Pro, Meet MODX

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    A beginner tutorial for integrating the MODX Content Management Framework (CMF) into a Freeway Pro WYSIWYG workflow. It does not cover the specifics of using MODX which is a very broad topic and falls outside the scope of this article.