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  1. A Better Pull Quote

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    A simple and effective technique for creating an accessible pull quote without the user-experience (UX) drawbacks associated with duplicate content and screen readers, or the potential negative impact on SEO.

  2. TinymceWrapper: Customizing Ace Editor

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    If you’re using the TinymceWrapper Extra you can customize the Ace editor window so it better matches the style of the MODX Manager by overriding the hard-coded CSS in the plugin. For the purpose of this tutorial I will focus specifically on the “Close” button (icon) in inline mode.

  3. Freeway Pro, Git and Bitbucket

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    Updated July 6, 2016: Now that Freeway Pro has reached end-of-life this tutorial is moot.

    Integrate Freeway Pro, Git and Bitbucket as an alternative but geeky solution to Freeway’s frustrating…