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Softpress Abruptly Shuts Down

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To many Freeway Pro held on long past its “Use by” date. It was the worn out but comfortable pair of shoes you can’t throw out but know you should. It was both loved and infuriating, a relic from a simpler time.

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Pull Quote

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A simple and effective technique for creating an accessible pull quote without the user-experience (UX) drawbacks associated with duplicate content and screen readers, or the potential negative impact on SEO.


A Brave New World

As technology, artdesign and code continue to evolve and intertwine, our work as artists, designers, animators, illustrators, developers etc. inevitably draws us into new and unfamiliar areas. How we define our role and skill-set is constantly being challenged in small and large ways, personally and professionally. If there is one thing we all share it’s an abundance of questions.

Perhaps QREATiv can help answer some of them.