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MODX + MailHog

Configure the MODX mail settings to use MailHog as a local smtp server, complete with a basic GUI so you can send email from your local development installation. Great for testing and debugging.


The Sass Migration

In 2019 the Sass feature-freeze was lifted with a major update: Modules. With it comes some fundamental changes that will affect the soon-to-be legacy syntax.


A Pull Quote for the Web

A simple technique for creating an accessible pull quote without the drawbacks associated with duplicate content and screen readers, or the potential negative impact on SEO.


MODX Alphanumeric Password Validator

A custom validator for the MODX Register snippet that limits password characters to alphanumeric, hyphens and underscores only. While probably not the best idea when it comes to password security there may nevertheless be situations when restricting character types is necessary.


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