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MODX CMF Editing Demo

A public demo highlighting front- and back-end editing using the MODX CMF and the TinymceWrapper, NewsPublisher, Responsive Filemanager and Fred plugins.


Softpress Abruptly Shuts Down

To many Freeway Pro held on long past its “Use by” date. It was the worn out but comfortable pair of shoes you can’t throw out but know you should. It was both loved and infuriating, a relic from a simpler time.


Professional Web Designers Code. Don’t They?

How effective would you be in your daily life if you lacked basic reading comprehension, or didn’t understand the rules of your native language? Why would it be any different for a professional Web designer with the most fundamental tools of the trade: HTML and CSS?


Embracing Git

I was both curious and intimidated by Git for quite a while but I finally decided to jump in and see for myself what the Cool Kids have been raving about. After a slow testing of the waters these are my initial impressions after replacing (S)FTP with a Git for Web deployment.


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