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Design Is a Job by Mike Monteiro

A look at Mule Design co-founder Mike Monteiro’s highly regarded book Design Is a Job. The review focuses on a few key areas that were of special interest. Specifically on the importance of approaching your clients and work first as a business owner, not an artist or designer.

Tombow Mono Professional Art Pencils

My first look at the Tombow Mono Professional graphite art and drafting pencils. Is it the equal of the legendary Mono 100? Either way there’s no denying the Tombow’s are near the top of the graphite pencil list.

Softpress Abruptly Shuts Down

To many Freeway Pro held on long past its “Use by” date. It’s the well-worn shoes you’re reluctant to replace. It was both loved and infuriating, a product from a simpler time.