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MODX TinymceWrapper Extra

Rarely does a plugin come along that completely changes my expectations of basic CMS functionality. But TinymceWrapper may be the tool for using a rich-text editor and file manager with MODX.

Web Development

CodeKit 2: My Front-end BFF

A look at one of the two most useful front-end development tools I currently use. If you work with front-end code using any kind of framework or preprocessor then CodeKit just might become an invaluable set-and-forget tool that helps you work more quickly and efficiently.

Web Development

Panic Coda 2: A Quick Look

A review of software developer Panic’s newest version of their all-in-one text-editor, Coda 2. Is it worth the 5 year wait? For the most part I’m thinking so, but there are some aspects that will require getting used to, like the missing and beautiful CSS editor GUI from v1.

Web Development

Perch 2 CMS

The full-featured Perch CMS gets a major overhaul with version 2. It’s a relatively easy to use system and should work well for a small to medium websites.

Web Development

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